French toast time

After going back and forth regarding the topic of my first post, I decided to dedicate it to my favourite bakery and cafe in Sheffield, Forge Bakehouse. The Forge Bakehouse is located on Abbeydale Road, so if you have to drive or get a bus to reach the bakery it is well worth the trip. The bakery is of simple design with windows all along the side of the cafe allowing customers to look out onto the busy road.

The atmosphere of the Forge is that of a bustling bakery and the chatter and movement of the bakers can be heard in the cafe, giving it an authentic feel. All of the cafe and bakery items are prepared on site, which means that often the fresh bread and pastry aromas can be enjoyed in the cafe, which really adds to the enjoyment of the meal.

Forge Bakehouse initially began as a small bakery and quickly expanded expanded into a cafe. Their menu features unique breakfast and lunch dishes that you will struggle to find anywhere else in Sheffield. Having visited the bakery many times and trying a few of the dishes, I usually cannot be persuaded to try anything else other than the french toast with raspberry compote and peanut brittle or the banana bread granola with yoghurt and cherry compote. Both dishes are equally delicious and are reasonably priced for the quantities and ingredients that the bakers use. With the delicious food comes friendly and inviting service and after becoming some what of a regular at the bakery, the bakers never fail to greet me in a welcoming way.

If you have never visited the Forge Bakehouse I would definitely recommend a visit. The food really is such a treat after a long week of work.