The Ordinary foundation which has a 25,000 waiting list

So, as someone who usually buys L’Oreal True Match foundation or Mac when my bank account isn’t too scary this month, I decided to give the new It foundation a try. The Ordinary Colours serum foundation is probably one of this years most highly anticipated foundations, which now offer 21 different shades.

When I first heard about The Ordinary, I thought it sounded like an edgy club in Amsterdam that only lets the truly hipsters of us in or a new indie band, but instead it is a skin care brand which is quickly selling out of its new foundation. When I first went onto the website to purchase the foundation they had sold out, so I just emailed them and I was put onto the priority list and although it took a few weeks to arrive, I was happy with the result. To find the right shade for my skin, I simply used the convertor online which converts your MAC shade to The Ordinary. In MAC I use NW13, so in The Ordinary I bought 1.2N.

I actually really liked this foundation as it is a lightweight, easily applicable and creamy foundation that results in a natural look, never mind that is ridiculously underpriced at £5.90. The foundation also contains SP15. Overall, I was pleased with my new purchase and will buy from them again.