The Ordinary foundation that has a 25,000 waiting list

So, as someone who usually buys L’Oreal True Match foundation or Mac when my bank account isn’t too scary this month, I decided to give the new It foundation a try. The Ordinary Colours serum foundation is probably one of this years most highly anticipated foundations, which now offer 21 different shades.

When I first heard about The Ordinary, I thought it sounded like an edgy club in Amsterdam that only lets the truly hipsters of us in or a new indie band, but instead it is a skin care brand which is quickly selling out of its new foundation. When I first went onto the website to purchase the foundation they had sold out, so I just emailed them and I was put onto the priority list and although it took a few weeks to arrive, I was happy with the result. To find the right shade for my skin, I simply used the convertor online which converts your MAC shade to The Ordinary. In MAC I use NW13, so in The Ordinary I bought 1.2N.

I actually really liked this foundation as it is a lightweight, easily applicable and creamy foundation that results in a natural look, never mind that is ridiculously underpriced at £5.90. The foundation also contains SP15. Overall, I was pleased with my new purchase and will buy from them again.



Rio de Janeiro

After spending three weeks in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, I have completely fallen in love with the culture of Brazil and the city. Rio de Janeiro is a constant bustling city, where shots are taken throughout the day, rice and Feijoada (a black bean and meat stew) are served with every meal and coconuts, churros and barbecued cheese are served on the beach. In Rio there seemed to be no rules where no one was in a hurry and everyone simply took their time enjoying the city around them.

As it was my first time visiting Rio, we decided to visit all the typical tourist destinations, including the Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and the Copacabana beach, they did not disappoint. Since the day activities included being a tourist, the evenings meant dancing. The bars in Rio are like none I have ever visited, where tapioca is served until the early hours and alcohol measurements mean nada. The dress attire of Brazilian bars is casual and it was a relief to see that neither the men or women felt the need to wear their best outfit, but instead the general feeling was more… a t-shirt and shorts would do, as long they can sit outside, listen to music and drink with friends.










Whether it is a fancy event or just a casual night out, the classic LBD will always pull through. I recently purchased this little black dress as I was fed up of wearing the same old jeans and a bodysuit or crop top, but I also needed a dress that wouldn’t make me look over dressed. Honestly, a black dress is perfect for when you just have no idea what to wear, or simply can’t be bothered looking.

At the moment, I am currently coveting a high neck, long sleeved bodycon dress from Pretty Little Thing. I bought this dress as it fits well, not to mention the long sleeves mean that I can just about bear the English weather and don’t need to take a coat on nights out. The dress features a rushed effect from the waist down and therefore it doesn’t highlight my hips. I also liked this dress as it has a high neck, a feature on many dresses and tops which is often hard to find in the new Kardashian era. The dress is super versatile with a stretchy, hugging material which highlights all the best areas.


For a fancy event or drinks out, I would style the classic LBD with black heels, a black clutch with some silver detailing and diamanté earrings or silver hoops. The same can also be applied for a casual event, although I would switch the shoes to a pair of black ankle boots and a different coloured bag to make the outfit stand out a bit more. I wore this dress with my hair down and straightened, however you could also style it with a high, messy ponytail or bun.

Pretty Little Thing dress:


Image result for off the shoulder black dress motel


I also really love the off the shoulder black dress. The above dress is from motel and can be used for both summer and winter events.

Motel dress:

Image result for Kathan Bodycon Dress in Black by Motel

As you can probably tell I am definitely more drawn to tighter fitting dresses as for me I think they are just more flattering on my body type. I really like the motel versions of the LBD as they have so many different variations for different body types. I like this dress as the backless style gives the dress a different feature not many dresses have and makes the dress a little more interesting and perhaps fancier.

Motel dress:

I love this Topshop dress for the detailing, its such a different style of dress from any of the black dresses I usually see on websites. However, I am very pale and prefer a darker shade of foundation than my actual skin tone, therefore I would usually stay away from a dress that shows so much skin, as my face and body skin tone would probably not match. For me, I would definitely have to fake tan if I chose to wear this dress and I would use St Tropez.
Bag options:
Black fluffy clutch bag:
Quilted leather crossbody bag:
Crossbody bag with metal trims:
Metallic mesh crossbody bag:
Leopard print crossbody bag:



French toast time

After going back and forth regarding the topic of my first post, I decided to dedicate it to my favourite bakery and cafe in Sheffield, Forge Bakehouse. The Forge Bakehouse is located on Abbeydale Road, so if you have to drive or get a bus to reach the bakery it is well worth the trip. The bakery is of simple design with windows all along the side of the cafe allowing customers to look out onto the busy road.

The atmosphere of the Forge is that of a bustling bakery and the chatter and movement of the bakers can be heard in the cafe, giving it an authentic feel. All of the cafe and bakery items are prepared on site, which means that often the fresh bread and pastry aromas can be enjoyed in the cafe, which really adds to the enjoyment of the meal.

Forge Bakehouse initially began as a small bakery and quickly expanded expanded into a cafe. Their menu features unique breakfast and lunch dishes that you will struggle to find anywhere else in Sheffield. Having visited the bakery many times and trying a few of the dishes, I usually cannot be persuaded to try anything else other than the french toast with raspberry compote and peanut brittle or the banana bread granola with yoghurt and cherry compote. Both dishes are equally delicious and are reasonably priced for the quantities and ingredients that the bakers use. With the delicious food comes friendly and inviting service and after becoming some what of a regular at the bakery, the bakers never fail to greet me in a welcoming way.

If you have never visited the Forge Bakehouse I would definitely recommend a visit. The food really is such a treat after a long week of work.